Because Kratom and Kava Kava exist today in an unregulated market and are as of now unrecognized for their benefits by the regulatory bodies of the United States government, it can be a bit daunting to a person ready to make a purchase but unsure of how and from whom to buy.  Things to consider are whether or not a vendor is interested and involved in the industry’s efforts to create self regulatory standards and transform the industry into a trustworthy and safe marketplace. A reputable vendor is running a business that is cGMP compliant and carries products that are purely derived from the naturally growing plants they source from.  This is to say that trustworthy Kratom and Kava products are NOT enhanced, not extracted, and not mixed with other compounds or “ingredients”. We recommend that consumers stay away from “cocktail products” for purchase.

Everywhere in the country that we are seeing legislative efforts to ban or schedule Kratom, we find adulterated products that have been sold in less than reputable retail locations.  In some cases these products aren’t even Kratom at all. For this reason, consumers in the marketplace should feel confident that their chosen vendor carries Kratom products that include ONLY Kratom plant material, and that these products are tested to ensure that they are free of adulterants and any biological, chemical, or mineral contaminants.

I think it is also important that one concerns themselves with whether a vendor supports the American Kratom Association, and is a member of the Kratom Trade Association.

Being involved with these organizations paints a clear picture that the vendor you are considering cares for the long term health and strength of a reputable industry with high standards of safety and quality.