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Kratom For Sale Near Me

Kratom For Sale Near Me? Divine World Botanicals is Located in Seattle, Washington for over 10 years Divine World Botanicals offers local pickup and delivery to the Seattle area and fast same day shipping for orders placed before 4pm PST   Asking Google about Kratom for Sale Near Me? Looking for the best kratom products […]

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Kratom Consumer Protection Act

What is the the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is proposed legislation written to safeguard kratom consumers on the State level  

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Organic vs Farmed Kratom

Organic vs Farmed Kratom, is there a difference? Some Kratom and Kava farmers harvest plants from a specifically sourced Plantation and other harvest wild grown plants growing naturally in their home environment.  Both of these sourcing options have great benefit to the customer. The key element of concern is whether the product is grown and […]

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Is Kratom Legal?

Over the course of past months, you may have heard the phrase Kratom for the first time. It may have been in reference to the growing opioid crisis, maybe from a friend, or even a colleague. What is Kratom? Where Does it Come from? And, finally what is the push towards regulating it as a controlled substance? In this post, we’ll cover the ins and outs of kratom debate and let you know where to go to add your voice.