Buying Kratom: About Us - Sourcing Quality Assured Kratom

We source select Kratom strains based on the quality and consistency of the source regions and suppliers we have made strong relationships with. We work with companies both in Southeast Asia and Domestically.
We take our customer feedback seriously and when requests or suggestions are made, we go looking for the best available source for a particular interest.
We are members of the American Kratom Association Retailer Program, and work with other advocacy groups to establish industry regulation and standards for quality and safety.
We only carry products that have been tested so to be free of contaminants, metals, and biological agents.
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Since our founding, Divine World Botanicals has worked tirelessly to shape the conversation around Kratom products as beneficial and having a positive impact on both individuals and communities. We are an active member in the American Kratom Association and work hard to act as a responsible retailer in the market place. We ONLY carry products that have been tested and analyzed for alkaloid content and are free of contaminants. We do this to ensure that our customers receive high-quality and trust worthy products. We believe strongly in our vision to protect kratom, and want you to feel as confident in our products as we do.

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Meet David & Christine

Both David and Christine earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Washington and met while conducting neurobiology research.  Shortly thereafter they discovered Kratom and Kava Kava and in 2011 opened Divine World Botanicals.

The company’s vision has always centered around education and advocacy – the goal being to share our combined background and experiences in helping others to better understand if Kratom and Kava products are right for them.

We have a mascot!  Our Jack Russell / Pomeranian Oliver!  He’s an avid squirrel hunter! You know that he’s spotted one when his ears pop straight up and a center line strip of fur puffs up along his back, like a faux hawk.  Thusly, we have given him the new breed name of “Cascade Mountain Ridgeback.”

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