Fruit & Yogurt Kava Smoothie. Want to try something besides a traditional kava recipe? This is a unique way to prepare your kava. If you are feeling adventurous give it a try! Put equal parts ground kava and your favorite milk in a blender. ¼ -1/2 cup each cup of each depending on how much you want. Then add 1- 1.5 cups of Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice (or both). Add dollop of your favorite yogurt. Blend for several minutes. Using a kava strainer or filter of some kind ( a nylon bag or a cut pair of clean tights), pour the mixture through the straining bag into a separate bowl. After the mixture is strained place back into the blender with ice and frozen fruit of your choice (frozen mango, frozen berries, frozen grapes, or banana are tasty) Blend until you get the consistency you like and enjoy 🙂