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How to Buy Kratom and Kava

Because Kratom and Kava Kava exist today in an unregulated market and are as of now unrecognized for their benefits by the regulatory bodies of the United States government, it can be a bit daunting to a person ready to make a purchase but unsure of how and from whom to buy.  Things to consider […]

The Future of Sustainable Kratom

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the opportunities that the Kratom industry can create for our partners in South East Asia.


Where Does Kratom Come From?

Kratom is grown natively in Southeast Asia. There territory stretches from the jungles of Cambodia to the farmlands of  Mylasia. The region, known for its unique cultural heritage, is home to some of the most unique – often unique and unfamiliar to those of us buy. With such a wide swath of territory, it’s not hard to imagine that varieties of both Kava and Kratom can produce strains as dynamic and nuanced as any the Cascade wine growing regions.