Tropical Splash Kava Smoothie. Originally Posted on Kava Library

Coming across this recipe was probably the most exciting thing I’ve done this month. I’m so happy to finally have such a fruity kava drink!


Welches Strawberry Breeze  Concentrate
Pomegrante Blueberry Juice
2 Spoons of Nene or other Hawaiian Instant Kava
2 oz of Frozen Strawberries
Add Kava to 2 oz of Juice (lukewarm) and stir.
2 Tablespoons of Strawberry Breeze Concentrate
Add Strawberries and Use Hand Blender to Blend
Add Ice
Fill up with Juice (4-6oz)
I genuinely enjoyed this drink more than I can explain. I made a bunch of it for a get together I hosted and everyone went nuts over it! (They were all informed about the kava in it) It’s just so flavorful!